Geomatics refers to the integrated approach of measurement, analysis, management, storage and display of both two and three-dimensional Earth-based spatial data.

This data is collected, processed and manipulated using state-of-the-art information technology software and hardware. It has applications in all disciplines that depend upon spatial data, including but not limited to environmental studies, planning, engineering, navigation, geology, mining, oceanography, infrastructure and land development. The science and technologies used in geomatics should always be subject to and balanced by the judgement of a Professional Land Surveyor.

CES Group’s field crews and office personnel, led by eight experienced and licensed professional land surveyors, use cutting-edge 3-D Scanning, robotics, GPS and 3-D software to deliver the most timely and cost-effective surveying, mapping and real property documentation services available. Field personnel are equipped with premium instrumentation and tablet computers that employ Trimble Connect technology, for efficient on-the-go storage and transmission of data.

Combining elements of civil engineering, land surveying and geophysics, the discipline of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is a process that has evolved over the past several decades to become a critical component of public roadway and other types of design projects.  Utilizing multiple technologies to satisfy the four (4) defined quality levels that represent degrees of risk in developing the subsurface utility information needed for design and construction, SUE has become a routine requirement to reduce project cost, minimize construction delays and enhance safety.

With SUE and land surveying personnel working hand-in-hand within the CES Geomatics Division, utility systems are accurately designated, located and three-dimensionally mapped. Directed by the SUE Operations Manager, a trained and experienced SUE Analyst, CES uses the latest ground penetrating radar, other electronic equipment and vacuum excavation to provide the four (4) SUE quality levels, described as follows:

Quality Level D
Used primarily for project planning or route selection, QL-D information is derived from existing utility records.

Quality Level C
QL-C involves surveying visible utility facilities, such as manholes and valve boxes, and correlating this information with existing utility records (QL-D information).

Quality Level B
Known as “designating”, QL-B involves the application of appropriate surface geophysical methods to determine the existence and horizontal position of virtually all utilities within the project limits, with these points then surveyed and tied to project control.

Quality Level A
QL-A uses vacuum excavation for the nondestructive exposure of underground utilities, along with other levels of information to provide the precise plan and profile mapping of utility systems, including the type, size, condition, material and other characteristics of underground features.

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A nationally recognized & locally-minded team, we’ve earned our reputation as Charlotte's Premier Land Surveyors.

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Kent Hudson, PLS
Partner / Division Manager
AS Civil Engineering & AS Graphics Technology, York Technical College
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor:  NC, SC

Kent Hudson is experienced and proficient in all aspects of survey department management, including estimating/budgeting, time, resource and staffing allocation, strategic planning, business development and proposal preparation, and quality control of field and office tasks. He has consistently directed projects to completion within budget parameters by changing inefficient protocols, introducing procedures to reduce errors, improving communication, and modeling an organized framework of project execution and control. Kent has 20+ years of progressive experience, including private sector roles as a crew leader, survey manager, and vice president of operations, as well as having been a crew leader with the SC Department of Transportation. Kent is an active member and former President of the South Carolina Society of Surveyors (SCSPLS). He was the 2011 Tri-County Surveyor of the Year, as well as Editor of the SCSPLS publication, "Benchmark".     

Trey Harter, PLS
Survey Operations Manager
AS Civil Engineering Technology - Magna Cum Laude, Trident Technical College
BS Surveying & Mapping (Pending), East Tennessee State University      
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor:  NC, SC

A detail-oriented problem solver with strong leadership attributes, Trey Harter has 20+ years of hands-on experience in all aspects of land surveying, including boundary surveys, mortgage surveys, topographic surveys, design surveys, residential, commercial & public infrastructure construction staking, elevation certification, subdivisions, as-built surveys and ALTA surveys. His responsibilities have included project and personnel management, deed research, field crew direction, drafting, calculations, preparation of legal descriptions, and subdivision plat preparation & recording.

Terry Worley
SUE Operations Manager
Certified Underground Locator

Terry Worley has land surveying and SUE project experience ranging from roadway improvement design surveys to utility location along highways, at airports and industrial facilities. He has worked 8+ years with the NCDOT, and has performed professional ASCE 38-02 Quality Level D through Quality Level A SUE services on many public projects. He has worked with several state DOT agencies and utility companies on roadways, power substations and storm drainage projects, providing SUE and related services. He is proficient with multiple communication systems technologies, Ground Penetrating Radar, Vacuum Excavation and other current subsurface locating equipment, as well as associated heavy equipment operation.

Glenn Lesser, PLS
Survey CAD Manager
BS Business - Cum Laude, State University of New York at Buffalo
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor:  NC

Glenn Lesser has more than 19 years of land surveying experience. Beginning as a field survey technician with a well-established Charlotte, NC land surveying company, he was promoted to a crew chief position within 3 months. After gaining a solid base of knowledge in field surveying practices, he began training and development of CAD skills, which soon led to a full-time office position as a survey CAD technician. He continued to assume more responsibility for data and project management details, further expanding his knowledge base, becoming licensed as a North Carolina Professional Land Surveyor in 2008. As the firm’s Survey CAD Manager, he assumes primary responsibility for back-up data quality review and accurate production of drawings. He has extensive experience with property records research, platting and ALTA surveys.

Dan Bonenfant, PLS
Columbia, SC Regional Survey Manager
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor:  SC

Dan Bonenfant has more than 35 years of varied surveying experience in both private and public sectors, with extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of land surveying, including boundary surveys, topographic surveys, design surveys, residential, commercial & public infrastructure construction staking, elevation certification, subdivisions, as-built surveys and ALTA surveys. He is an expert in the use of CADD software for computations and drafting of field surveys and plats, with 25+ years of experience as a trainer for civil/survey drafting and computation functions. His responsibilities have also included project and personnel management, deed research, calculations, and field crew direction.

Chris Lands, PLS
Project Manager
Bakersfield College        
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor:  NC

Chris Lands has more than 25 years of comprehensive land surveying experience, having held the positions of Instrument Operator, Party Chief and Project Manager. He is proficient in the use of both AutoCAD and Carlson software, as well as in the operation of robotic and GPS equipment. He has performed route surveys for water distribution system and sanitary sewer system design, topographical surveys for new NCDOT interstate highways and existing roadway improvements design, and construction staking on NCDOT interstate and primary highways and private development projects.

In his current role as a Project Manager, Chris is responsible for client communication, field crew coordination and quality control for a wide variety of boundary, topographic and construction surveying projects. He prepares proposals, coordinates design survey requirements with our Civil Engineering Division, and prepares boundary and topographic survey documentation using Trimble Business Center and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 software.

Phil Fowler, PLS
Project Manager
Central Piedmont Community College   
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor:  NC

Phil Fowler is a U.S. Army veteran, who has 30+  years of experience in many facets of land surveying, including topography, boundary, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, construction, and 3-D laser scanning applications, for public infrastructure, commercial and residential projects.   

Phil began his surveying career as a rodman for Santee-Cooper (South Carolina Public Service Authority), after graduating from Summerville High School in 1980. He has held every traditional surveying position, in both field and office settings. In addition to his broad-based knowledge of surveying principles and practices, he is widely known for his attention to detail.

Michael Lester, PLS
Project Manager
University of Connecticut
Capital Community College   
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor:  CT

Michael Lester has more than 18 years of land surveying experience, including roles as a survey technician, crew chief, project manager, and surveying department manager for a municipality. In addition to his comprehensive knowledge of field to finish surveying practices, Michael has extensive experience with property records research, platting and ALTA/ACSM land title surveys. Involved in a number of CES projects in both North Carolina and South Carolina, he is currently responsible for the management of a wide variety of task orders through an annual on-call surveying contract with Charlotte Water, including the location and mapping of all commercial water meters and backflow preventers inside the I-277 corridor.

Matthew Roberts, PLS
Project Manager
BS Geology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor: NC

Matthew Roberts began his land surveying career in 2006, as a crew chief and instrument operator. His responsibilities at CES have included resource management, field crew and CAD technician direction, proposal preparation, construction staking, the operation of robotic survey instruments, the preparation of boundary and topographic surveys using Trimble Business Center software, ALTA/ACSM surveys, utility route surveys, project and personnel management, deed research, drafting and calculations.

Geomatics & SUE Services

Land Surveying

  • Boundary Surveys for Acquisition, Easements & Disputes
  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • Platting & Parcel Monumenting
  • Residential & Commercial Subdivision

Design & Construction Surveying

  • 3-D Scanning
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Utility and Transportation Route Surveys
  • Construction Staking for Residential, Commercial & Public Infrastructure Development
  • Mapping Control Surveys
  • Utility Inventory Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys

Subsurface Utilities

  • Electromagnetic (EM) Locating
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Interior Locating (Walls/Foundations)
  • Locate Underground Storage Tanks, Non-Metallic and Abandoned Lines
  • Locate Water, Sewer, Electric, Fiber, Telecom and Gas Services
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE): Quality Levels A, B, C, and D
  • Vacuum Excavation (Air/Hydro) Services

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