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Phases 1A, 1B, 1C & 2A

CES Group Engineers has been awarded multiple phases of construction surveying on the LYNX Blue Line Extension (BLE). The BLE is the Charlotte, NC region's first light rail service, currently extending approximately 20 miles in length from I-485 at South Boulevard, to Uptown Charlotte, to UNCC.

The 1A, 1B, 1C & 2A phases, which are nearing completion, will extend the rail an additional 20 miles.  CES has provided the construction surveying on these projects for the primary general contractors on the projects: Sealand Contractors Corporation, Blythe Development Co., and Balfour Beatty Infrastructure.

The survey work completed by CES included the following work items:

  • Recovering and verifying horizontal and vertical control
  • 7 Bridge Structures
  • 61,449 linear feet of Silt Fence
  • 34,420 linear feet of Limits of Disturbance
  • 55 Sanitary Sewer structures and 502 Storm Drain structures
  • 21,488 linear feet of Retaining Walls
  • 15,700 linear feet of Waterline
  • 26,520 linear feet of Duct Bank
  • 11 Detention Basins
  • 352 OCS Foundations
  • 19,064 linear feet of Curb & Gutter
  • 60,240 linear feet of Slope Staking
  • Topographic Survey of existing grades along proposed Retaining Walls
  • As-Built Survey of Storm Drain and underground SWM Detention, Water and Sewer, and Duct Bank Hand Holes

Having nearly completed the 1A, 1B, 1C and 2A infrastructure phases of the BLE, CES Group Engineers has recently been awarded the associated Track & Systems contract, an approximately $355,000 contract associated with the layout of 164,000 linear feet of light rail track, plus 20 crossings, switches, communication/instrument/crossing houses, 7 power sub-stations, 25 signals and all related features and structures.  CES’ work on this contract has been underway for 6 months, with total anticipated project duration of 30 months.