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I-77 High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes

Owner / Client
NCDOT / Sugar Creek Construction


Environmental Consulting
Hazardous Materials Manager

Key Personnel
Greg Hans, PMP
Chuck Heleine, PE, REPA
Judy Heleine, REM

Under contract to the design-build contractor, Sugar Creek Construction, LLC, CES is the designated Hazardous Materials Manager for this 26-mile interstate highway widening project, with CES environmental staff providing comprehensive environmental consulting services, including the completion of environmental site assessments by reviewing selected parcels of land for known or potential environmental conditions prior to land acquisition by the design-build contractor, documenting the pre-construction condition of storm drain outfalls and inlets, ditches, streams, wetlands, vegetation and any notable environmental features, the development of an Environmental Management Plan, conducting site compliance inspections on bridges and fuel ASTs, overseeing emergency response actions, overseeing Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and Lead Containing Paint (LCP) surveys, design of abatements on fifteen (15) bridges, three (3) retaining walls, and three (3) residential sheds, reviewing SPCC, Concrete Waste Management and Hazardous Waste Compliance Plans, evaluating erosion and sediment control measurements, performing and managing migratory bird assessments and surveys and water quality site compliance inspections with conjunction with subconsultant(s), monitoring concrete waste streams, coordinating with design build contractors, subconsultants and state agencies, and maintaining records and documents in accordance with the projects Hazardous Materials Management Plan. CES and subconsultants have worked closely on migratory bird surveys, water resources, permitting issues, and time sensitive asbestos and lead surveys, designs and abatements in accordance with schedules imposed by the design-build contractor and NCDOT to ensure that hazardous materials were properly addressed prior to demolition activities.


Charlotte, NC


Columbia, SC

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