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Bus Rapid Transit Design

Owner / Client
Town of Chapel Hill, NC / AECOM


Transit Station Design
Landscape Architecture

Key Personnel
Augustine Wong, PLA

Augustine Wong was a subconsultant to the lead design consultant, AECOM, to provide transit station and corridor design enhancements for the downtown and surrounding segments of an approximately 8.2-mile North-South Bus Rapid Transit (N-S BRT) line project located along one of the town’s busiest and most vital thoroughfares, stretching from Eubanks Road in the North segment to the popular Southern Village in the South segment.

When completed, this N-S BRT system, the first in the region, will connect employees, students, residents and visitors to their regional connections and local destinations. With the corridor consisting of diverse development types, ranging from the campus of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, to urban downtown settings, to single-family and multi-family residential divisions, to retail-shopping centers and to undeveloped areas, the corridor design required a holistic approach to planning and design of aesthetic and functional treatment to serve the wide variety of people connecting to their destinations.

Augustine completed tasks including conducting a corridor analysis, evaluating potential transit station locations, and incorporating bike lanes and sidewalks in transit stations and beyond. Typical site design and layout plans of transit stations showing bike lane, sidewalks, bus lane and travel lanes were also developed. In addition, Augustine also assisted with several days of public involvement where design solutions were developed following input from stakeholders.